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About Search IT

Search IT is the new way to search, compare, quote and procure with the IT channel. From physical stock to cloud services, find it all through Search IT.

About Quote IT

Quick quotes gets quick sales. With the ability to create a quote in seconds, complete with end user clickable product pages, save multiple revisions and order using Order IT.

About Order IT

Order IT allows you to purchase products from accross distribution through one basket. Order IT orders from the best source commercially and places the order electronically with the distributor.

Quote IT

Quick quotes create quick sales. Don't delay in providing your customers with effective professional quotes in seconds.

  • Create great quotes in seconds
  • Edit quotes for customers and send revisions
  • Save all revisions and easily go back to order directly from the quote

Order IT

Through Order IT, you can order one basket of products from multiple distributors. With one click of a button create multiple PO's. Send orders direct into distributors using their XML ordering platforms, or by PDF where XML integration isn't available.

Our mission is to create a great ordering experience for IT resellers, whether you're ordering physcial or provisioning cloud products.

Export IT

Export IT allows you to export a product set including cost prices and stock for import into another platform, including ecommerce, PSA or backend software

  • images and rich data export available with rich data license
  • hourly or daily feed available for latest price and stock changes
  • multiple export formats available.

Our Apps

The search IT plaform has a number of Apps available, allowing you to do more effective business.

Search IT

£19/ per mo.

  • 5 users
  • 10 price feeds
  • Over 50 stock feeds
  • Search and compare over 4.1m products
Quote IT

£29/ per user per mo.

  • Unlimited quotes
  • Clickable end user product links
  • Save multiple revisions of quotes
  • Phone support
Order IT

£250/ mo.

  • Auto order from distribution
  • Unlimited orders
  • Order tracking
  • Phone support
Export IT

£300/ per mo.

  • Export a daily price and stock feed
  • Uplift prices using Price IT
  • Over 4.1m products to choose from
  • Export to multiple platforms including Quotewerks and Connectwise
Price IT

£9/ per mo.

  • Uplift items for internal or external Use
  • Run a different price matrix for different customers
  • Add margin, markup or cost plus
  • Ideal bolt on for other apps
Early adopter package

£65/ mo.

  • Includes Quote IT, Order IT, Search IT and Price IT
  • Unlimited orders and quotes
  • Save 90% by becoming an early adopter
  • Open to 10 new accounts only


Our integrations always come at no cost. Our aim is to allow you to integrate with any distributor for stock, price and ordering.

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